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Mission Statement

Education of Haiti’s Children

Half of all children in Haiti are not enrolled in school because their parents cannot afford to pay for them to go. Nearly 80% of all schools in Haiti are private. Though there is an option to attend one of the few state schools, parents still must pay for tuition, uniforms, books and supplies. In addition, transportation and a morning or mid- day meal also adds to the cost. The combined gross enrollment for primary, secondary, and tertiary school is 27% (United Nations International Human Development Indicators for 2011). The difficulties of attaining a basic education explains the 48.7% adult literacy rate (15 years of age and older). Unfortunately, it also explains why Haitian children on the average do not complete more than 7.6 years of schooling.

Haiti Rebuild has initiated a scholarship program that pays for tuition, books/supplies, and uniforms for children who are the most needy. For two years we have sponsored three children – My Love (4 years old), Jean Yves (5 years old), and Albert (8 years old) – siblings who live in a distressed household where the mother and father are often absent and where food and clean water are not guaranteed. Your donations to HRI can be earmarked to help more children like My Love and her brothers so that they will have a future that assures them greater job opportunities.

Our Work

Haiti Rebuild’s operational framework is based on the formation of partnerships with other organizations, groups, and individual volunteers. In a spirit of collaboration, many of Haiti’s challenges can be successfully addressed. Haiti Rebuild has specifically targeted education, economic development, and community building as the focus of our work.

Medical students will be working in teams of four with a supervising medical doctor. They will research the health needs of both municipalities. Their schedule will include part-time work in a medical clinic with the remainder of the time donated to house calls in more rural regions. Haiti Rebuild will need funds to purchase medical supplies and medications. If you would like to join our team, please see the attached itinerary and complete the application of interest.

Our plans are to refurbish a donated site. Throughout the year, we will be cataloging and shipping books in collaboration with Le Petit Lectorat, a Haitian nonprofit organization that sponsors literacy programs through the support of FOKAL and The French Institute. We have plenty of books in English and French; however, we are in need of funds to ship these books from Tucson and Paris.

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