Success Through Partnership

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Education for the 21st Century

HRI believes that education is the most important commodity that will increase Haiti’s chances of improving the quality of life for all Haitians. Our goal is to provide a new instructional framework with strategies that teachers can use to prepare their students with 21st century skills necessary for participation in a global economy .Another goal of HRI is to demonstrate that education can have an immediate impact on economic development and community building.

Building Back Better
through Education and Collaboration

Haiti Rebuild’s operational framework is based on the formation of partnerships with other organizations, groups, and individual volunteers. In a spirit of collaboration, many of Haiti’s challenges can be successfully addressed.

Success Through Partnership

Haiti Rebuild, Inc., (HRI) is a Tucson-based nonprofit organization, incorporated 2010 in Arizona. Our mission is to provide much-needed human and material resources to improve the quality of life for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

A quality education for all Haitians has the greatest chance of impacting job creation, infrastructure development, and community building. It is the key to preparing the Haitian people with the skills they need to fully participate in a global economy. We believe in life-long learning and that adults also need opportunities for job retraining and professional development. Thus, included in our mission is the commitment to organize delegations of skilled and professional people who will impart their knowledge of best practices and support a community project or a developing local industry.

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